Burgess Animal Book Notebooking
Burgess Animal Book Notebooking
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This is a site dedicated to homeschoolers who want to help each other. We invite you to participate in this site by sharing any resources that you have written. Sharing ideas with each other makes planning our homeschooling unit studies and lapbooks easier and more fun. So, have fun viewing other's unit study ideas and share yours too!

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Create Your Own Curriculum - Homeschool Helper OnlinePlan Your Own Curriculum in Four Easy Steps! 7/15/2015

It seems to me that home-schoolers generally tend to be “outside-the-box type thinkers” since we aren't following the societal norm of sending our children to public schools. As self-proclaimed non-conformists, we tend to be less than enthusiastic about using an entire curriculum in a box exactly as it is intended to be used. This upcoming school year will be my third time through a 5th grade core curriculum. Each time, I change a few things in order to reflect that child's personality and learning styles, but this year, I've changed so much that only the basic structure has remained. I believe there are other homeschool parents who would like to modify the materials they have in order to best accommodate their child's learning needs—which is one of the big reasons why we homeschool in the first place, right?...Read More

Our Family's Favorite Read Alouds - Homeschool Helper OnlineOur Family's Favorite Read Alouds 6/15/2015
Last month, our oldest graduated from our homeschool. This has caused me to pause a moment for a bit of reflection. The first thing to cross my mind was ‘Wow, I’ve been doing this for a LONG time!’ After I got past the length of time I have been homeschooling and, consequently, how old I must be, I started thinking about our curriculum choices and some of the great read alouds we have enjoyed through the years. I surveyed the family and we came up with a list of some of our favorites....Read More

What is a Lapbook - Homeschool Helper OnlineSo, What is a Lapbook, Anyway? 5/15/2015
If you have been homeschooling for very long, you have probably heard someone mention lapbooks. As other homeschool teachers rave about their child’s latest lapbook about George Washington, you smile and nod, wondering silently, “What is a lapbook?”...Read More