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What Classes Should My HIgh Schooler Take?

What Classes Should My High Schooler Take? Most likely, if you are making time in your life to homeschool your children, you are doing so because you want them to have the best possible education.  But, the challenges of providing that education seem to increase dramatically as they enter into their high school years.  How […]

Mississippi Geography Worksheet

In this free Mississippi geography worksheet, you will locate Mississippi on the United States map, draw and label a compass rose, draw and label the Mississippi, Big Black, Pearl, and Yazoo Rivers as well as labeling the major lakes in Mississippi. You might also like the free Mississippi flag and symbols worksheet.

Minnesota Geography Worksheet

You will learn about Minnesota’s many lakes with this free Minnesota geography worksheet.  You will label 10 different lakes including Lake Pepin and Lake Superior.  You will also locate and label the major cities and capital as well as important rivers such as the St. Croix and Mississippi River. You might also like the free […]

Michigan Geography Worksheet

In this free Michigan geography worksheet, you will draw and label Lake Michigan, Lake Superior, Lake Huron, Lake Erie, and Lake St. Clair.  You will also draw and major rivers such as the St. Marys River and Detroit River.  Major cities and the capital are also located and labeled in this free worksheet. You might […]