Burgess Animal Book Notebooking
Burgess Animal Book Notebooking
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This is a site dedicated to homeschoolers who want to help each other. We invite you to participate in this site by sharing any resources that you have written. Sharing ideas with each other makes planning our homeschooling unit studies and lapbooks easier and more fun. So, have fun viewing other's unit study ideas and share yours too!

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A Typical Homeschool Mom's To Do List - EW! - Homeschool Helper OnlineGoodness, Gracious, Great Balls of Fire 2/15/2015
Lately, I've been having an internal homeschool parent-teacher conference/debate over the balance of “Fun vs. Foundational Facts” in our homeschool. This is probably due in large part to my recent introduction to the “Trivia Crack” game. Because of this game, I often think, “Oh no, I bet my 10 year-old doesn't know the answer to that—I better add in some Greek mythology and geology and some more geography, and, and and..." ...Read More

A Typical Homeschool Mom's To Do List - EW! - Homeschool Helper Online10 Ways to Organize the Homeschool Chaos 1/17/2015
We are very blessed to have a separate room in our house for schooling. Over Christmas break however, we dumped all of the flotsam and jetsam that accumulated around the house into the school room. When we were ready to start back after Christmas, we were greeted with a mound of homeless items that needed to be put away. ....Read More

A Typical Homeschool Mom's To Do List - EW! - Homeschool Helper OnlineHelp Your Child Develop a Servant's Heart 11/17/2014
During our church's fellowship hour last week, a married couple that I hadn't met approached me and inquired if I was Oliver's mom. After I responded, that yes, I was indeed, Oliver's mother, they told me how Oliver had really left an impression upon them at VBS last summer. Wow! I thought, VBS was five months ago....Read More