Burgess Animal Book Notebooking
Burgess Animal Book Notebooking
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This is a site dedicated to homeschoolers who want to help each other. We invite you to participate in this site by sharing any resources that you have written. Sharing ideas with each other makes planning our homeschooling unit studies and lapbooks easier and more fun. So, have fun viewing other's unit study ideas and share yours too!

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A Typical Homeschool Mom's To Do List - EW! - Homeschool Helper OnlineHistory of Homeschooling: A Fragile Peace 9/15/2014
Home education is so common today our students are beginning to steal the public thunder... A quarter century ago the Berlin Wall was tumbling down, and Chinese youth were dying in Tiananmen Square. But here in mid-Missouri a small group of like-minded parents were banding together to share their skills, encouragement, and lobby politically to ensure their newly earned rights to homeschool didn’t get voted away. There is strength in numbers...Read More

A Typical Homeschool Mom's To Do List - EW! - Homeschool Helper OnlineA Typical Homeschool Mom's To-Do List—EW!! 8/15/2014
Today, as I was writing my to-do list, “ew” kept popping into my thoughts in response to a few of my less-than-favorite tasks. Here's a list of things most homeschool moms encounter on a regular basis and some suggestions for making them a little less “EWWIE” Enjoy!..Read

Why You Should Have a Summer Bucket List - Homeschool Helper OnlineWhy you should have a summer bucket list 7/16/2014
Maybe you are so overwhelmed and can't even consider adding one more thing to your already overflowing list of things “to-do” or maybe you call yourself a “slacker mom” and avoid Pinterest-perfection like the plague. Even so, you just might to reconsider having a summer bucket list. Here are five reasons why...Read More